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About Us

The Team Behind ChainSmart

PT Rantai Data Pintar (ChainSmart) was established in 2021 by several experienced industry players who have a common vision for delivering new solutions and tools to support emerging business models in Indonesia.

PT Metrocom Global Solusi is both a partner and shareholder of ChainSmart.
PT Metrocom Global Solusi provides value, quality service, and solutions based on open systems with a team of high quality and professional engineers. Metrocom reflects this expertise and experience by providing clients with the best solutions to address information technology challenges. Serving clients as problem solvers, independent analysts, project managers, and experienced trainers in the use of information technology to enhance Metrocom clients' strategic and operational success.

How to be ChainSmart

ChainSmart provides products and services that leverage the capabilities of blockchain for data management, security, and trust. We utilise the power of blockchain to build products to enable the integrity of data, and to find unauthorised changes to data, suspicious transactions, and irregularities.



SmartShield is the intelligent blockchain based data integrity system developed by ChainSmart that ensures the integrity and tamper evidence of an organization’s mission critical data. The service guards against unauthorized parties altering, inserting, or deleting data. Designed to be an essential tool under the control of an organization's internal audit team, SmartShield provides auditors with the independent means to manage and ensure the integrity of mission critical data.


blockchain based supply chain traceability platform. It delivers two key benefits to the shareholders and participants of a supply chain. Firstly, the platform serves as an immutable, transparent record of transactions shared by all supply chain participants who can validate and trust the supply chain and make sure they are not being cheated. Secondly, provenance - external parties, and particularly the consumer, have visibility of the supply chain such that they can trust in the integrity of the delivered product. It is genuine origin, with no product substitutions or injections. .

Smart Tickets

First implementation of real-world-asset tokenization. In this case the assets are tickets. There are many limitations, inefficiencies, and fraud associated with the distribution and use of paper tickets for events. ChainSmart Tickets is a full end-to-end NFT ticket solution that uses the Cardano blockchain. It allows event organizers and ticket issuers to replace paper tickets with digital tickets that are far more secure and offers a much richer suite of capabilities.

Training & Consulting

ChainSmart offers two training courses to provide an understanding of Blockchain. Download


The online ChainSmart HelpDesk allows our customers to request direct support from ChainSmart experts regarding the use of our products and services.


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