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About Us

How to be ChainSmart

PT Rantai Data Pintar (ChainSmart) was established in Indonesia in 2021 by several experienced industry players who have a common vision for delivering new solutions and tools to support emerging business models in Indonesia. The rapid growth of a digital economy in Indonesia is challenging the traditional ways organizations connect and supply services to their customers. This is happening across multiple industries. In an increasingly connected and digital world, businesses require solutions that ensure mission critical information can be trusted, bad actors can be exposed, suspicious transactions can be detected, and irregularities can be identified. ChainSmart provides products and services that leverage the capabilities of blockchain for data management, security, and trust. We utilise the power of blockchain to build products to enable the integrity of data, and to find unauthorised changes to data, suspicious transactions, and irregularities.

About Service

Why Blockchain

Blockchain technology underlies the ChainSmart suite of products. All data stored on a blockchain is permanent and therefore cannot be changed or deleted. This means the information stored on a blockchain can be trusted and used for purposes such as:


Data integrity: The blockchain stores verifiable proof of all authorized changes to an organization’s data, allowing the detection of unauthorized changes.


Permanent historical audit trail of all transactions in an ecosystem. This includes all changes ever made to mission critical data, all transactions processed within a supply chain, or the creation, ownership, transfer, and expiration of assets such as event tickets.


Digital forensics: The permanent nature of blockchain means that data stored on the blockchain can be used as the basis for identification, preservation, and analysis of digital evidence such that integrity and admissibility can be ensured.

Blockchain based Service in the Cloud

All ChainSmart products are offered as cloud-based blockchain-as-a-service via subscription. Data protection for every product is ensured through multiple security layers:


Physical: Servers and storage in the cloud are protected by firewall and all data is encrypted at hardware level.


Logical: Each customer implementation is protected by process isolation using Kubernetes.


Blockchain: Each customer implementation is on a private, permissioned blockchain, distributed across multiple nodes, where access is restricted to authorized parties.

ChainSmart Training and Consulting

ChainSmart offers training and consulting services.


Blockchain Training: To provide attendees with a more thorough understanding of one of the most significant emerging disruptive technologies in recent times – blockchain. ChainSmart can customize the course to meet specific client requirements.